Thursday, 26 January 2012

Positive About Disability OR Positive About PR

Any disabled person in the UK looking for work would probably have heard of the Positive About Disability Scheme run by the DWP. It is also referred to as the "2 Ticks" scheme. Basically, any disabled person applying for a position advertised by a member of this scheme is "Guaranteed" an interview if they meet the minimum job requirements.

Sounds Great?

Yes, but it has no standing in Law so can't be enforced. There is also the possibility it could be exploited by companies for PR purposes - Look we're Positive About Disability!

But surely the DWP keep an eye on it?

You'd think so. Readers of my Blog will know about LOCOG and their failure twice to operate the scheme properly. Luckily, TRH Maria Miller MP has written to me personally and whilst she will not strip LOCOG of the right to use the disability symbol she is keeping a close eye on them.

Well that's good then.

Hold on! Union Carbide (now owned by Dow Chemicals) killed and maimed a lot of people at Bhopal in India didn't they. Rather than help the disabled they added to our numbers. Don't they sponsor LOCOG and isn't their name associated with the London Olympics? Hold on. What am I worried about? The well known lawyer, disability campaigner and Human Rights Activist Lord Coe has said that Dow are blameless so that's OK then, isn't it?

But surely LOCOG is the only bad apple relating to Positive About Disability. No other company would be so ignorant.

Step forward Livability, a UK Charity trying to help the Disabled achieve all that they can, I believe. I have applied for a Finance Director role with them twice.
The first time they completely overlooked my application but kindly called me in for an interview with them after the event and then decided not to appoint to the position.
The second time, the agency they had appointed to head-hunt for them approached me and asked me to apply. Great, perhaps I've got a chance.

I waited.

I waited

So I phoned the agency. "When is my interview?" I asked politely. "Sorry, but you didn't meet the minimum job requirements" was the reply even though they had approached me and we had discussed those prior to my submission.

So, I picked up the advert and went through it with the Agent. We agreed that I did meet all of the criteria they advertised for.

But there were super secret special criteria that were not advertised.

I tailor my cv for all jobs I apply for. How do you tailor a cv for secret position requirements? (The super secret criteria they were looking for, I HAD, but didn't know it had to be on my cv (and as my standard 15 page cv is often frowned upon by recruiters I keep it to 2 pages!)).

Livability's Chairwoman has written to me:

I will keep you informed.

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