Sunday, 22 April 2012

MIND - They apparently don't - Do you?

I keep talking about the new Post Spartacus Blog,

No To Irresponsible Welfare And Mental Health Care Reform In The UK.

We are starting up new discussions on this Blog to try to give disabled people another route to express their worries and thoughts on. I had begun to think I was the only person who wanted to hold MIND to account in the world but we got this posted on our "MIND" thread.

"MIND-I was pressurised by GP to attend for sessions with MIND counsellor.It was 6 months of bullying and abuse, accused of faking autism, being sexually obsessed, a liar.I complained, to be told by MIND that the counsellor no longer works for them so it wasn't their problem.
Im not impressed and will never avail myself of MIND services again.Unfortunately there is precious little else available, mainly due to MIND allegedly providing them."

I will copy this to MIND but  can't see them responding as they've made it clear in the past the only people they take any notice of are the rich and famous who can help them get their knighthoods. 
I read this and was shocked. Is this how we want our Charities to be run? Is this what the "Big Society" is about? Are we gonna stand for this?

MIND apparently accused the writer of being a faker, bullied him, abused him, called him a liar and then dumped him - presumably when the funding ran out!

Most worryingly, I read this and immediately thought of another company operating on a similar model - ATOS. 
ATOS, MIND - 4 letters long!!! Are they more similar than that? Watch out for Stephen Fry becoming the face of ATOS?

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