Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Somebody Help Me out!

I've retired, or at least for 2 years until my youngest is a bit older. However, I can see me getting bored within that time frame so I thought I'd try to build up a network of people that could spring into action and find me a job when I wanted them to! RADIATE is an organisation that develops NETWORKS for disabled high flyers and although I feel a bit old in the tooth to be called a "high flyer" I thought I'd try them.There is an event tonight organised by RADIATE with Chris Holmes (the LOCOG Director of Paralympic Integration) speaking. I personally, feel there have been some bloody big anti-disabled people cock ups at the Olympics (disabled having to use a premium rate services to book seats, wheelchair users not able to sit with more than 1 of their family, The Royal Mail with the support of the British Paralympic Association discriminating initially against gold medal winning Paralympian's) but I wanted to hear his views as to how it went.

So I tried to book a place at this event.

RADIATE sent me back a registration form which I filled in and returned.

RADIATE called me and said I hadn't filled in the bit concerning my employer. I explained I was currently unemployed. I might well have called Agnes a bigoted useless interfering jobs-body because I got immediately excluded  RADIATE is only for those in work!

I did two things then. Firstly I checked RADIATE's web-site. I cannot find any requirement on the website to be in work! Secondly, I phoned Disability Rights UK (Disability Rights UK was formed through a unification of Disability Alliance, Radar and National Centre for Independent Living on 1 January 2012. They aim to be the largest national pan-disability organisation led by disabled people (in the pockets of the ConDems?). RADIATE is a spin off from RADAR) to ask them is they knew of an organisation that could help me.

The Chief Executive of Disability Rights UK is Liz Sayce. Liz Sayce prepared the report for the CONDEMS suggesting they close Remploy.

Disability Rights UK said they have no funding to do this but suggested I contact, yes you've got it,


I need to start planning my return to the workplace in 2014 now. Has anybody reading this Blog got any ideas what I could do! #justasking !!!

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