Monday, 25 November 2013

E-mail to Paul Maynard re a Cumulative Impact Assessment

I am posting this on my Blog as I do not have Paul Maynard MPs e-mail address. It was cc'd to my MP, The Right Honourable Theresa May MP.

1 minute ago 2:17 PM

Dear Mr Maynard,

I am writing to formally apologise to you as it seems likely that the will achieve the 100,000 signatures required to trigger a backbench business committee debate on its contents which include a request for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

I realise you will find it tiresome to again have to debate the effect legislation you voted for is having on sick and disabled people in this country, who are having to pay, in some cases, 9 times more (according to Dr Simon Duffy, Centre for Welfare Reform) to fix the banks than non-disabled people. However, whilst your conscience may trouble you I trust you will attend this debate when it happens, so you can take the opportunity to publicly apologise for calling all those associated with the WOWpetition (including myself) "extremists", which you did during the Opposition Day Debate of "Pat's Petition" on Wednesday, 10th July 2013. I have asked my MP, Theresa May to obtain a formal public apology on my behalf, but she has refused, saying it is a matter for you. If you refuse to publicly apologise in the Houses of Parliament to me and the other WOWpetition campaigners we will approach the Speaker of the House to see if we have any other options in our pursuit of justice due to your use of language better suited to the "playground".

I hope that before the debate of the WOWpetition you take time and reflect as to why your views are apparently out of sync with many disabled people in this country and consider whether that is due to your privilege? You have stated that you did not go into Parliament to represent disabled people. I am not quite sure why you appear to be using your position to punish them?

Yours sincerely,

Ian M Jones

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