Friday, 20 January 2012

Why aren't Disabled People Allowed to get jobs?

Dear TRH Theresa May MP,

Thank you for the response dated 19th January 2012 from Mr Bennett. I have the following queries which I would like my MP to personally respond to.

1/  Please can you confirm Lord Coe's position that he can appoint any nationality into any position at LOCOG. Do workers at LOCOG from outside of the EU not require work permits?

2/ Lord Coe states that the best candidate for the role was appointed into this job. That is at best disingenuous as my application was not considered and I may have been the best candidate.

3/ Why was a work permit issued for this position to a US citizen. If it is so important to the government to get the disabled back to work why is the UK issuing a work permit to a US citizen to do a job that a disabled UK citizen could do.

The government has made clear that its first priority is "to help those UK nationals without work find it" this is a direct quote from Xpert HR - is this no longer Government policy.  Furthermore I understand the successful candidate is in the UK on a Tier 2 Work Permit, in order to be issued with a Tier 2 work permit an individual must posses skills and experience theoretically required by the UK economy, I look forward to your comments on how this element of the work permit was satisfied, as quite clearly there are UK citizens, both disabled and able who would meet the job criteria and LOCOG did not need to look outside of the UK for the skills required.

4/ Can you please confirm the general requirements for a non EU citizen to be employed in a UK company in a job that a UK/ EU resident could do. Lord Coe said that he does not ring fence jobs on the basis of nationality as that would be against the law, which I accept but work permits are only issued under special circumstances.

5/ Do you personally support Lord Coe and LOCOG's recruitment decision in this case.

I should have been given a chance to secure this job. LOCOG call it a guaranteed interview scheme. All I have been given is an apology. I do not feel that is enough. Do you think I should be satisfied with an apology?

Yours sincerely,

Ian M Jones

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