Monday, 27 February 2012

Just Who Are Disability Rights UK - Quisling's?

 I quickly sprung into action tonight, shocked into a flurry of Twittering and e-mailing by a Tweet from John Pring, Editor of the Disability News Service.

"No word from Disability Rights UK on why they asked Maria Miller to speak at hate crime launch, after accusing DWP of causing hostility."

I immediately became "invested" in this, because I think Cripple Killer (as I refer to her) is fair game so I dug into it. Shocked, stunned and amazed at what I found I tried to drum up some indignation on Twitter (like all good left-wing SWP activists do) and succeeded. I then decided to do what my wife says I do best, which is write stroppy letters (however, I like to think that she was simplifying the situation here and only considered activities relevant to my campaigning - I consider myself to be extremely talented at other activities (but what man doesn't!)).

Where was I??

Oh yes, stroppy letters.

Enjoy....... (and I thought it would add greater presence to my e-mail if I said I was a journalist?)

Dear Mr Shrimpton,

I refer to the launch of Your Guide to Hate Crime Against Disabled People.

You state in your press release, "the launch was attended by senior stakeholders from the disability movement". Please can you let me know who these senior stakeholders were and which organisations they represented. Please also let me have any contact details you might have for them as I intend to contact them personally, and ask them if they support your documents and the implicit position of Disability Rights UK. I have read these documents this evening and it seems to me they can be interpreted as suggesting it is up to the disabled person to try to stop hate crime happening to themselves, presumably by making themselves invisible. I do not accept that personal abuse towards me, physical violence towards me or any other form of discrimination is in any way my fault by default and find it unacceptable that it could be interpreted that your organisation supports that position.

I also note that whilst giving The Minister for Disabled People a platform for self promotion she was allowed to make no reference to the topic in question and rather than address hate crime against disabled people she spoke about all types of hate crime. This allows her to continue to deny that disabled hate crime is a problem. Where there any accredited journalists at this launch and is there, to your knowledge, any independent reporting of it available? Was Maria Miller's position challenged by anybody at all during this launch ceremony?

For the avoidance of doubt, you do not speak for me and I believe that you're being disingenuous by stating "We aim to be the largest national pan-disability organisation led by disabled people" as this implies you have a significant voice and influence at the moment. A lot of disabled stakeholders on Twitter tonight have been asking who you are? I aim to be a multi-millionaire but neither do I think it appropriate to publicise this in such a way as to imply that I am currently close to that aim nor state it in such a way that makes it seem a possible outcome. You, however, seem to have no such inhibitions.

I am a journalist publishing The Diary of a Unemployed Head Injured DDT @

Please supply me with any comment you have on the issues outlined above.

Yours sincerely,

Ian M Jones

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