Thursday, 23 February 2012

Yesterday's Post Simplified

My wife doesn't often talk sense.

(I am tempted to leave this post there in a tribute to Les Dawson RIP)

She told me that my post yesterday was too complicated and too wordy. I countered it was intellectual. I was proved right because nobody is reading it! Good job I haven't got advertisers to satisfy!

However, I believe there were some important points in there so I will summarise here for those interested!

1/ The changes to DLA are a continuation in the dismantling of the welfare state and make people pay commission to rich Tories to buy Personal Independence Payment Insurance!
2/ For an idea of what will happen with PIP read about the Personal Pension Mis-selling Scandal of the late 80s early 90's.
3/ Those of us currently disabled will be cut adrift and vilified for not buying appropriate insurance policies when we could, forgetting that these policies did not really exist when we became disabled.
4/ Critical Illness Insurance bears uncanny similarities to PIP and that went well, didn't it.

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